How important is the customer experience at retail?

SpongebobJust ask Mr. Krabbs who, in the “Patty Hype”
episode of Spongebob Squarepants lamented going “37 days without a
customer”. A fish who’s dying of thirst
and hunger drags himself to the doors of the Krusty Krab. Mr. Krabbs rushes over with a Krabby Patty
and a drink. The fish frowns and
basically tells Mr. Krabbs that his place is boring. If I remember correctly—I was on my way out the door to try to
get to work this Day Two of the NYC transit strike—somebody says it’s about the
experience, not the food. The desire
for a great experience enables the fish to drag himself off to a preferred fast
food spot.

Of course, all of this customer experience stuff was
probably lost on my six-year-old. However, marketers should take note: The concept of customers demanding
unique—at least memorable—experiences is now a part of pop culture.

Thanks, Spongebob.

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Posted by Rob Fields