You’ve probably heard the one about “a rose by any other
name.”  This is fine for a flower but
not, I think, for a marketer. I mean,
I’m supposed to be in the business of clear, effective communication,
right? Right. I take some small comfort in the fact that I’m hardly the first
marketer that didn’t follow his or her own advice. To correct this situation, I’m happy to say that “The Spark” is
no more.

I admit it, I was so in love with the idea of “The Spark”
and all of what I thought were wonderful creative applications of the
name. “Spark insight. Connection. Solutions.” You get the idea:
Navel gazing. Problem was, “The Spark”
didn’t really tell anyone what the blog was about. Fine if you’re dealing with an established brand. Not so good if you building one from the
ground up, which was the case here.

I talked about reframing in an earlier post. This move is a bit of that. Yes, clarity’s a wonderful thing. The new name—a re-branding, if you
will–communicates more effectively what my two big interests are and that
which you’ll find covered in this blog. The new name also provides me with a lot of latitude to come at either
topic, marketing or pop culture, and dive as deeply as I want in either
direction. For example, expect to see
more coverage of music and the music industry. Net-net: I’m very much re-energized about what I can contribute within
this space.

A final note: If this had been a real emergency in marketing
or pop culture, you would’ve been instructed where to go and what to do.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled blog. . .

Posted by Rob Fields