Gerd Leonhard is a noted media futurist and co-author with Dave Kusek of “The Future of Music”. Gerdleonhard300dpilores_1
With all of the ongoing news about it, it’s clear that the music business will require a fundamental paradigm shift in order to better sync with the realities of the digital age.  “The Future of Music,” written in 2005, suggests a possible path to take and, we now see, one that the industry and intellectual property laws have started to explore.  Listen as Gerd talks about why he believes that the path to profitability for the industry lies in thinking of music as a service, rather than individual pieces of content.

Other key points raised during our discussion:

  • Content isn’t king
  • Real currency is your ability to get attention
  • His advice to artists and brand managers alike on how to effectively leverage music under this new paradigm.

A highly worthwhile read, the book is available at music and bookstores nationwide,
or through Music Dispatch (1-800-637-2852).

Check back soon for my conversation with Gerd’s co-author Dave Kusek.

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Posted by Rob Fields

  • Interesting viewpoint. Content, of course, has to get your attention, or nobody is going to read it. Music could well be a “service” to the listening public. Music is a frequency and those frequencies can lift (and/or depress) the spirit of the listener.The music industry, like the movie industry, can contribute to the betterment and enrichment of their audiences or not.