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One of the joys of having been blogging for close to three years (my 100th post was the previous one!) is that I’ve not only developed a small following, but have become part of a community of marketing bloggers.  Now, an even cooler part of this is when you get to meet in an offline setting other people you’ve read or who are familiar with your own work.

I had such an experience last night, when I hooked up with a few other bloggers and marketing folks courtesy of Noah Brier.  So here are some of the bloggers I’ve recently met, both through Noah and Piers over at psfk through their likemind breakfast series.  All of these blogs are impressive in their own right and are definitely worth a visit:

These folks are also doing some cool stuff:

  • Casey Pugh of Feed Hole (check it now while it’s still in beta and BEFORE it blows up!)

Short attention span takeaway: It’s a conversational economy: Get out, meet your public and share the love.

Posted by Rob Fields

  • It’s been fun. Cheers.

  • subscribed. nice meeting you in person. great stuff.

  • Noah, great insights on your blog, as well. I particularly liked your recent posts on umbrellas and your discussion on NY vs. NJ. I’ve got your feed tee’d up, as well.

  • Hi Noah,
    Not that I wouldn’t love to meet you, but if you met Nichelle from Chicks and Giggles then that would be the lovely Nichelle Stephens, not me ( Secret

  • Nichelle:
    My bad. One of the hazards of late-night blogging. Anyway, I checked out both of your site: very impressive. I’ll grab your feed, and I certainly hope you do the same here!