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Technology will have a huge impact. . .There is really a
transition that is not only analog to digital, but digital to connected.

–J Allard, Microsoft

No matter what you think about Microsoft’s entry into the
portable digital music player arena you have to admit that they’re onto
something. The most exciting feature of
the new Zune player is its WiFi capability, which has lots of potential for
viral exploitation—both the good (really effective viral campaigns) and bad (real
viruses ) kind.

Marketers should begin to give some serious thought to what
it will mean when we’re “always on” and connected in a way that enables file
sharing. When it’s as simple as
pressing a few buttons on a portable digital device, when you will be able to
share files with complete strangers as Microsoft suggests, where will the bar
be in terms of creative that prompts consumers to take that action? Perhaps an even higher premium will be put
on having “the big idea.” That’s okay,
since I believe viral done well will fulfill this need.

Other questions:

  • Will music take on greater importance as a brand platform, since it’s a reasonable assumption that consumers may be more likely to share music than other forms of content? 
  • Could it be that music sharing trains/conditions consumers to the ease of sharing content, something that didn’t really happen via mobile phones?

See the New York Times article from which this was drawn via this link.

Posted by Rob Fields