One of the cool things about blogging, at least for me, is the ability to interview Flockandflowcover_2
marketing thought leaders.  Later today, I’ll be conducting an interview with cultural anthropologist and fellow blogger Grant McCracken. As I noted in an earlier post, I share his interest in understanding how culture impacts our understanding of brands.   

Here’s one nugget from the book that I plan to probe: Successful marketing organizations of the very near future will be those that become adept at harvesting chaos.  In a nutshell, it’s about making sense of the cultural innovation that’s crackling—even now!—all across the marketplace. 

Some questions that his book addresses:

  • In a time of permanent, discontinuous change, how can a company tell which cultural trends are worth following? 
  • How can a company ascertain where it sits in relation to these trends?
  • How can it build a long-term strategy for dealing with constant change?

Stay tuned.

Posted by Rob Fields