So, how long has it been?  Three weeks?  Four?  It’s definitely been a hiatus.  Unintended initially, but ultimately one that I enjoyed.  I can look back and say that it was time for a break.  The initial interruption was work, our annual conference to be exact.  We had a lot of great content, in particular a terrific presentation from Grant McCracken, but it left me really drained.

Glad to be back, since I missed the routine of blogging, which includes paying attention to new posts from other bloggers.  But this post will not be a recap of the goings-on of the last few weeks.

One of the things I’ve realized is that I want to make music a much more important piece of  this blog.  Makes sense, right, given that music is such an integral piece of popular culture?  I’ve decided to dial up more music coverage, even if it’s just new songs added under the “Listening Post” category.  You’ll probably start seeing more “review” type posts, but I’m thinking that rather than strictly focusing on the music, I’ll try to provide insights on how marketers can work with the artists in question or, at least, highlight the artist’s core audience in the hope that it might coincide with an audience some of you are trying to reach.

At the end of the day, my great passion continues to be for sharing music, and I’d like my blogs to better reflect that.  In a few hours, I’ll be at one of those milestone birthdays, and I want to spend the next big chunk of time focusing on core passions and the things that most excite me. No, don’t start freaking out that this is going to turn into one of those music-only blogs.  It’ll definitely remain true to the it’s eclectic sampling of the cultural forces that impact brand building, as well as what and how brands are trying to navigate this landscape.  However, I think it’ll make a for a better read for you, and will certainly help me bring together more of the many varied aspects of my life around the activities and interests that are of greatest importance for me.

Let’s hear it for evolution!

Posted by Rob Fields