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Yes, I’ve been silent for a while.  My apologies, particularly to those
who may have lost faith in me.  Good news is that it hasn’€™t been for

What’s kept me out of the blogosphere is that I’m launching a Black rock
music series here in Brooklyn.  Called BoldasLIVE, it’€™s a new live
event platform for Black rock.  I call it a platform because I envision
the output of BoldasLIVE taking many forms: innovative discussion forums,
panels and, yes, even full-on shows.  The goal is to provide an experience
that will create a richer context for some of the discussions taking place on BoldasLOVE
and other blogs.

From a pure marketing standpoint, this was a logical next step. As I summarized on BoldasLOVE, we’re in the
midst of a cultural shift as relates to Black rock. If my premise is that there needs to be more work done to grow
and educate an audience, then it’s high time to stop talking and start doing.

That said, the first offering is a series that mixes interviews and acoustic
performances. Think of it as
a Black rock "€œInside the Actors Studio" meets "MTV Unplugged"€
. These will
have the following format: artist sits for a 30 or so minute interview with a
music journalist or cultural critic followed by a 20-30 minute
acoustic/electro-acoustic set.  The artist returns for a few more
questions from the interviewer and Q&A with the audience.

The lineup for the first three events will be:

  • July 22: Music icon Nona Hendryx interviewed by Nick Charles, Editor in Chief, AOL Black Voices
  • September 16: The Family Stand’s Peter Lord and V. Jeffrey Smith interviewed by Michaela angela Davis, "Urbanista" and Hip Hop Fashion Feminist
  • October 14: Danielia Cotton (think of a Black Janis Joplin, and you’€™ll be in her zone!)

These events will take place at the Brooklyn
Tix are $8, with kids under 13 getting in free.

The BoldasLIVE site is here.
Also, you can subscribe to the mailing list here.

I’€™m excited.  Please let me know if you’re planning to come, as I’d
like to meet any of you who show up.

Posted by Rob Fields