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Yesterday, I participated in a new segment on NPR’s "News and Notes with Farai Chideya," where she invited a few black bloggers to comment on hot topics in the news.  In addition to using the topic of BET’s new show "Hot Ghetto Mess" to plug Black rock, I also took aim at the NAACP’s symbolic “burial” of the N-word from a marketer’s point of view.  For example, from what I could tell there was no use of new media to further the organization’s message: No video released from the event was released by the organization on Youtube, except for this CNN clip.  How about a pod- or videocast of the speeches?  Turns out I wasn’t the only one thinking about this: Clyde Smith wrote a much more in-depth and thoughtful exploration of the event here.  In the end, symbolism is great, but to be effective today, organizations like this desperately need to consider how to effectively reach younger members of their audiences

For my first national broadcast media opportunity, I think I did alright.

But, please, decide for yourself. Listen to the segment here.

Posted by Rob Fields

  • Thanks for the kind words and congratulations on your NPR appearance.
    For all my thoughtfulness, you beat me there!

  • Clyde:
    Thanks for the well wishes. The big takeaway is that, yet again, great minds think alike.
    Talk soon!