Just to prove that there are no new ideas under the sun: A day or so after I wrote the preceding posts (here
and here), I happened to visit the ChangeThis site to see if there were any new manifestos.  Turns out, there was a recent one from Andrew Winston, the co-author of Green to Gold, entitled "The Greening of Business".  I think Andrew does a great job at giving a solid overview of both the trends that have powered the green movement, not least of which are the greening of the supply chain (Wal-Mart "has ‘asked’ 66,000 suppliers to reduce packaging and cut back on fossil fuel use.") and increased investment in environmental markets (venture capital dollars flowing to "cleantech").

He also spends time looking at how businesses can get on the path to sustainability.  Part of the answer is really figuring out how a sustainability position creates value.

The manifesto is available for free download here.

If you want more info on the book, click here.

Posted by Rob Fields