Maria Egan-Cohen, Columbia Records
Daniel Werner, Epic Records
Elliott Mazer, Left Turn Music
Allan Kovac
Kelli Richards, The All Access Group (moderator)

Richards: Why go with a major?

Egan-Cohen: Resources.  She focuses on bands that have established a track record and a following, and are looking to get to that next level via the machinery that a major can offer.

Final thoughts: I’m leaving this panel.  The discussion has turned to promotions and 360-deals, which is disappointing, frustrating, even.  I’m interested in hearing how they’re adapting A&R for the digital age.  Instead, there’s a lot of talk about promotions and building artists into brands.  Does this signal a shift in the role of A&R?  Is that the function adapting to digital?  From an audience standpoint at the conference, it feels like a bit of a bait-and-switch.

Going to catch the end of the digital rights & clearances panel.  Even a legal session is more interesting than this.

Posted by Rob Fields