So, I finally make a tentative step back to blogging.  As I wrote to some friends a few days ago, I’m just now feeling like I’m getting some equilibrium back in my life.  Yeah, life happens and even when you make preparations, sometimes you’re still not ready for the way change sweeps through and disrupts a basically orderly existence.  But, no, let me allay any fears you might be having at this point: This story doesn’t involve any sickness, divorce, abrupt layoff or anything with such thudding finality.  No this is a happy disruption.

The short version is that my wife and I recently adopted a little girl from Ethiopia.  It’s something that’s been in the works for the past year, but was only finalized at the end of March.  So we spent the last two weeks of that month preparing for my daughter’s arrival, and spent about nine days in Ethiopia, where we had to go to get her and bring her back.

And what a trip: Amazing, joyous, eye-opening, and deeply moving are some of the words that come to mind to describe it.  But after all of that dust settled and we returned, we found we had to task of integrating this new person into our family.  Three had become four.  Somewhat more challenging is the fact that she basically spoke no English and we had about 20 words in Amharic that we mispronounced much of the time.  And let’s not talk about how she won’t go to bed until her big brother, my 8-year-old son, does.  That certainly throws a wrench into any blogging plans you have!

But the great thing is my daughter, all three years of her, is fiercely intelligent, so she’s quickly making her wishes and her presence known.  Good news is that we’re all adapting.  That’s what you do, right?  So, yeah, the equilibrium’s finally starting to come back.  Some perspective: This Saturday will make three weeks that been here in the States.

Anyway, the picture above was a shot I took as we were leaving the village where my daughter was born.  Our presence, along with some of the other adopting families, was a big deal and the kids from the village crowded around us as we were on our way out.

It was a great trip and I’m actually looking forward to returning to see more of Ethiopia.  However, on  a lot of levels, I’m glad to be back.

Thanks for being patient.

Posted by Rob Fields

  • Congratulations! And good to have you back.

  • ml

    Congratulations Rob! That is exciting news! I wish you all the best in this wonderful step in a meaningful direction!