Fellow blogger David Berkowitz reached out to me on behalf of Time.com 50 Best Web sites.  Definitely an interesting list.  I say that because I don’t recognize most of the sites.  The one site I use regularly is Imeem (#31), and I just added TinyURL (#8) to my toolbar after seeing it on the list.  I visit UrbanDictionary (#9) only occasionally.  Interesting that MySpace isn’t on the list.  Like Max, I, too, found it noteworthy that Google isn’t, either.  However, I think that has more to do with Google’s ubiquity vs. any lack of popularity.  What I mean is that (almost) everyone uses Google, so we think about it as much as we think about how cool it is that light comes on when you flick the switch.

So, if I’m not on most of these sites, where am I, you ask?  Here’s my (partial) list:

Where do you hang out online?

Posted by Rob Fields