Good stuff on the hangout.  I’m not  offering much analysis here.  Just highlighting a few things that stood out to me.

In addition to PSFK co-founder Piers Fawkes, the hangout included:

Retail trends

  • Traditional e-commerce sites opening physical stores.
  • Metrics change from sales/square foot to community and experience
  • People shopping both channels
  • Older brands innovating the in-store experience. Ex: Banana Republic & Gap offering a coffee shop or manicure.  Time is biggest luxury


  • Learning has to be social from the ground up
  • Educational institutions will lose students if they don’t transfer themselves into more immersive online experiences
  • Future is about casual, social, mobile education.  Bloated degrees no longer necessary.  Skill-based focus will grow. Barrier mostly in the mind.


  • Defined by the artifacts we leave behind.
  • The challenge to education and retail institutions is the erasing of artifacts

Think about this: Successful brands of the future will be the ones that give you something that helps you optimize your life


Ari Kuschnir (mssgpeces)

Tictrac: tracking all your activities in one place.  Feels like it could happen next year.  Can us it to spot correlations by making a dashboard your life

Jarvis (Creative Live)
The era of context. Google glasses. Photography. Building context. Brand or healthcare.  What is our relationship with our surroundings?  That’s what we’re looking for.  Let’s sew it all together

Schectman (Story)
Going digital this year.  Bringing offline retail to life

Polinchock (AT&T Adworks Lab)
Google glasses as an example of “One-line,” not online or offline.  Cool when we can overlay data onto the real workd we’re already in.  Google Glasses

Ali (PSFK)
One Medical Group example.  An example of technology and people filling in where traditional municipal and political institutions leaving a void

Ford (Pearlfisher)
Fantastic time for design. Design fundamental part of creating clarity and tangibility.  His projects: Smart people thinking about new approaches.

Well done, Piers!

Posted by Rob Fields