This just in from the Worth Seeing Department: Kickstarter published its 2012 numbers and the results are impressive.  If you still have doubts that crowdfunding is real, that it can be a way to fund innovation and to get projects supported that wouldn’t pass muster in a traditional business environment, then you really need to take a look at these stats.

Just a few I thought were interesting:

  • Over 570,000 people backed two or more projects
  • Just over 50,000 people backed ten (10) or more projects
  • $83 million was pledged to games
  • 10% of the films at the Sundance Film Festival are funded by Kickstarter
  • Amanda Palmer wasn’t the only one to raise over $1 million. 16 other projects hit that milestone, as well.
  • According to Publishers Weekly, Kickstarter is the #2 publisher of graphic novels

Herein lies the value of crowdfunding via the Internet: Not only does it allow likeminds to find each other, but it enables the pooling of resources that helps projects with niche audiences gain traction.  Pretty cool, especially when you see the actual numbers.

Speaking of which, check out Kickstarter’s full 2012 report here.

H/T to Fred Wilson for the heads up.

Posted by Rob Fields

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