Twice a year, we look forward to Mary Meeker’s outlook.  At 117 slides, it certainly counts for what a colleague calls “plop value,” i.e., it’d make a significant sound if you dropped it on a desk.  All kidding aside, there’s plenty to pore over, but here’s what jumped out at me:
  • # of photos uploaded and shared every day: 500MM+
  • # of hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute: 100
  • More people are buying tablets than PCs and notebooks less than 3 years after the introduction of the tablet.
  • 2014 may be the year of the wearable computer
  • There’s a HUGE skills gap in the US between comp sci grads and jobs that require a comp sci degree
  • Contrary to popular belief, QR codes will NOT be going away.  Why? Because they’re big in China
  • In fact, there are several important slides on China in this deck.
So, if you haven’t done so already, make yourself a cup of coffee and dig in.
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