This is the first in a regular series of posts highlighting creators and curators music that brands should keep an eye on. Smart brands would be wise to give serious consideration to the projects here as means of engaging audiences in fresh and exciting ways.  Brand managers, here’s your chance to get ahead of the cultural curve and work with projects while they’re still on their way to becoming household names.  In fact, it’s an opportunity for your brand to be part of building something new and energizing.  Read on.

This multi-culti quintet out of Boston is currently on the road in support of their excellent first full-length album, American Love. Their music is a mix of old-school funk, 21st century new jack swing, all backed by a rock muscularity.

Their audience: 18-34, multicultural, urban

This self-managed group has the support of the tastemakers at Karmaloop, and they have partnerships with Converse, Renaissance Hotels, Red Bull, and Grenco Science.  They had their national TV debut on Jimmy Kimmel in May.

They’d be great for any brand whose attributes are youthful, hip, fun, upbeat, optimistic, energetic. Summer’s halfway done, but American Love is still a great drive-to-the-beach album, and there are a lot of brands who would do well being associated with music that conveys that.  Here’s a taste:

Want to work with the band? Contact them directly at badrabbitsband [at] gmail [dot] com.

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