@PSFK, the creative business and trend consultancy for whom I’m a contributor, has some ideas, as detailed in their latest “Future Of” report on Home Living.  According to the site, the report “looks at key trends that are shaping the living experience of tomorrow. It describes how design and connected technology are driving adaptive living and an on-demand lifestyle, and making home a place of personal equilibrium.”

In conjunction with the report, PSFK is also presenting The Future of Home Living Exhibit, where you can experience some of the products and advances outlined in the report.  It’s a cool way to get a glimpse of the (near) future.

For example, some of trends:

  • Expect a lot more connectivity between devices and more Internet-enabled devices that can increase their own utility (thermostats that automatically adjust for the amount of sunlight in an apartment; milk containers that can alert you when the milk runs low or spoils)
  • Designers are planning for living space to be scarce (furniture that breaks down for wall storage)
  • Living space that can be reconfigured and maximized (combo murphy beds and desks to take advantage of dead bedroom space)

What will also be interesting to watch: Which of the trends/items highlighted in the report make their way into mass usage first.  For now, most these items seem like they’re being positioned for higher income individuals

Some photos from the exhibit that runs through August 16 in New York City.


Part of the Future of Home Living Exhibit


Some of the broad themes that are driving these future trends.


Bookshelves that can double as hooks.


If you get there between, roughly, noon and 1PM, you can get a tour by PSFK co-founder Piers Fawkes.  Bonus!

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