It’s a simple fact that who you surround yourself with matters. With that in mind, I wanted to start my first post of 2014 with a shout (and recommendation) to all the people whose thinking enriches my own. Although I have friends colleagues on communities such as Facebook and LinkedIN, it’s Twitter where I spend most of my social media time and energy. It’s also the channel through which I’ve gotten to know a lot of people personally and professionally. So, yeah, I’m a heavy Twitter user.

Currently, I follow over 1,600 people. Lately, I’ve becoming more concerned with the signal-to-noise ratio and have started trimming followers, if only to feel less overwhelmed by the Twitter stream. Also, we all evolve. I know, for instance, that there were many people I followed when I had a heavier and deeper focus on music or politics. Now, following some of those people makes less sense, given that my focus has shifted. It’s in no way to suggest that those I unfollowed were “bad” or in some way not insightful. Rather, what they’re offering is less critical for me to consume now versus times past.

About three weeks ago, Strawberry Frog’s Scott Goodson posted his list of Must Follow Marketing Minds on Twitter. So, this is my hat tip to him for that inspiration.  Because I’m focused on the intersection of marketing, business and contemporary culture, my Twitter feed beaks down roughly into those three groups. I think if you intend to help brands get smarter about leveraging contemporary culture and making themselves relevant to it, you’ll need a variety of perspectives. Your focus can’t just be about marketing and branding. That’s only a small part of the picture. These lists should get you started.

Finally, none of these are be-all, end-all lists. Obviously, I follow people beyond them. However, the folks that I’m highlighting 1) have a regular presence on Twitter, 2) are sharing great content, and 3) I pay attention to their streams more often than not.

Here’s my list of people I feel who are either covering the evolving world of marketing and media or, better yet, pushing it forward.

Brandchannel – @brandchannelhub

Grant McCracken – @grant27

Rick Liebling – @rickliebling

Gitamba Saila-Ngita – @monumentsinking

Tim Stock – @timstock

Peter Spear – @pspear

JWTIntelligence – @JWTIntelligence

Sian Morson – @xianamoy

Raju Narisetti – @raju

Terry Young – @terryyoungny

Warc – @WarcEditors

Emotive Brand – @EmotiveBrand

Amber Horsburgh – @amberhorsburgh

Indy Neogy – @indy_neogy

Tru Pettigrew – @truaccess

Havas Worldwide – @havasww

Matthew Quint – @mattquint

David Rogers – @david_rogers

Detavio Samuels – @detavio

Kenji Summers – @kenjisummers

James Andrews – @keyinfluencer

The Agency Post – @agencypost

The Futures Agency – @futuresagency

Khaya Dlanga – @khayadlanga

Abey Mokgwantsane – @abeyphonogenic

Lynne Johnson – @lynneluvah

David Berkowitz – @dberkowitz

David Armano – @armano

Steve Rubel – @steverubel

Anil Dash – @anildash

Brian Clark – @brianclark

Chris Brogan – @chrisbrogan

Adweek – @adweek

AdAge – @adage

Multicultural Brand Consultancy – @brandoneculture

John Gerzema – @johngerzema

Interbrand – @interbrand

Strategy Magazine – @strategyonline

Lina Srivastava – @lksriv

Think With Google – @thinkwithgoogle

Noah Brier – @heyitsnoah

Percolate – @percolate

Social@Ogilvy – @socialogilvy

Geoffrey Colon – @djgeoffe

Rohit Bhargava – @rohitbhargava

Next up: Business, Strategy, Innovation and Leadership!

Posted by Rob Fields

Observer. Curator. Marketer. Dot connector.