Let me just get this out of the way: My people are so creative!

As dance crazes go, everyone’s heard of twerking, right? And you’ve probably also heard of the Dougie, especially since First Lady Michelle Obama did it on national TV.  Well, Chicago’s Dlow aka Bopking Dlow (above) has created the Dlow Shuffle and it seems to be the latest dance that seems to be picking up steam.  By “steam” I mean  this video has picked up a couple hundred thousand views since my son showed it to me Saturday afternoon.  Also, there are a lot of videos of kids doing this dance.

To be honest, I’m not exactly sure if the dance is called boppin or the Dlow Shuffle.  Urban Dictionary has a 2008 entry that says boppin is a dance that originated in South Florida.   Also, not sure if Dlow is the dance’s originator. If anyone can clarify, please LMK in the comments section.

Let’s check out Dlow:

There’s momentum here here. Take a look at these YouTube stats, which I snapped last night.  In less than a month, the video is approaching 750K views.:


Likewise, while still light, Google search volume has taken off:


Now the “Kemo walk” that Dlow shouts out is courtesy of his homie Lil Kemo below.  Notice that elements that Kemo has added, i.e., the “grab somethin'” move.

I like this guy’s version, too.  He’s more fluid.

It remains to be seen whether this will take off as a full-fledged national dance craze.  Definitely keep your eyes on commercials or music videos to see if any established artists incorporate it which, if it hasn’t already happened, won’t be far off.

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