Ok, so this is the final Twitter list I promised you guys.  I’ve already shared my Marketing & Media list, as well as one for Business, Strategy, Innovation, Creativity & Leadership.  Now onto Contemporary Culture.

These are accounts that I use to stay abreast of developments in the arts (music, film, visual art, design, architecture), sociology, politics, economics, etc.  I’m trying to pull from a lot of sources for a diverse view of what’s happening in the world.  I’m also looking for the inspiration that can strike just because I’m getting a window into how smart people think, how they approach problems, or how they’re constructing their lives.  It all matters when you’re trying to help people or companies navigate this crazy landscape.

Here’s an admittedly incomplete list in no particular order:

NY Times – @nytimes
The Atlantic – @TheAtlantic
Ebony – @ebonymag
The Economist – @TheEconomist
All Things Considered – @npratc
Billboard – @billboard
Hollywood Reporter – @THR
Variety – @variety
BBC Breaking News – @BBCbreaking
The Guardian – @guardian
PBS Newshour – @newshour
Al Jazeera America – @ajam
Architizer – @architizer
HTD Studio – @htdstudio
Zak Hoke – @zakhoke
Adjaye Associates – @adjayeassoc
designboom – @designboom
Notebookism – @notebookism
Typographica.org – @typographica
Larry Ossei-Mensah – @youngglobal
Trevor Schoonmaker – @toschoon
Guernica – @guernicamag
Influencer Conference – @influencercon
Guardian culture – @guardianculture
Aleim Magazine – @aleimmagazine
The Madbury Club – @madburyclub
The Couch Sessions – @couchsessions
Baratunde – @baratunde
Life + Times – @lifeandtimes
Mary Pryor – @msmarypryor
dream hampton – @dreamhampton
Charles M. Blow – @charlesmblow
Farai Chideya – @farai
Alyssa Rosenberg – @alyssarosenberg
Mark Anthony Neal – @newblackman
Gene Demby – @GeeDee215
NPR Codeswitch – @nprcodeswitch
Thinkprogress – @thinkprogress
Frank Rich – @frankrichny
Crunk Feminists – @crunkfeminists
Brittany Cooper – @professorcrunk
L’Heureux Lewis McCoy – @dumilewis
Melissa Harris-Perry – @mharrisperry
Mychal Denzel Smith – @mychalsmith
American Conservative – @amconmag
Jamil Smith – @jamilsmith
This Is Africa – @ThisIsAfricaTIA
Afripop Magazine – @afripopmag
Illume – @eeloom
Mona Eltahawy – @monaeltahawy
Ali Abunimah – @aliabunimah
Jodi Rudoren – @rudoren
Shadi Hamid – @shadihamid
Maker Faire Africa – @makerfairafrica

The Playlist – @ThePlaylist
Shadow & Act – @shadowandact
Curtis John – @MediaManWatch
Ava DuVernay – @Avaetc
AFFRM – @affrm
Miles Maker – @milesmaker
Ray Subers – @raysubers

Kiese Laymon – @kieselaymon
Tayari Jones – @tayari
Lauren Cerand – @luxlotus
Bridgett M. Davis – @bridgettmdavis
Mat Johnson – @mat_johnson
Okayplayer – @okayplayer
Ann Powers – @annkpowers
Jem Aswad – @jemaswad
Michael Gonzales – @gonzomike
Marcus Dowling – @marcuskdowling
Jean Grae – @jeangreasy
Bob Lefsetz – @lefsetz
The Daily Swarm – @thedailyswarm
Bill Bragin – @activecultures
Tamar-Kali – @tamar_kali
Just A Band – @justaband
Siddhartha Mitter – @siddhmi
Fiona Bloom – @fionabloom
Soul Culture – @soulculture
Eric Alper – @ThatEricAlper
Hypebot – @hypebot
Black Rock Coalition – @brcnewyork
Combat Jack – @combat_jack
Elliott Wilson – @ElliottWilson
Afropunk – @afropunk
Miles Marshall Lewis – @furthermucker

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