So, you guys already know: I’ve got theories here about why culture isn’t as valued by marketers as it should be.  They’re based on both my experience across a couple of decades of marketing and business work and the input of some smart people.  But, honestly, there’s no hard data.  What’s a marketing guy to do?

Run some research!

That’s right, I’m launching a very short survey that I hope will provide a baseline on perceptions and attitudes around the value of contemporary culture to marketing organizations.  This is the first phase of an exciting project designed to help companies get smarter and better at leveraging contemporary culture to build their brands and businesses.

The survey will take all of five (5) minutes to complete.  You can click here to get started:

If you’re on the frontlines of marketing’s evolution—at an agency, a client-side marketer, consultancy, or retailer, please take the survey by clicking on this link

Your answers will be completely anonymous (unless you want to sign up for phone interviews in phase 2, or you want to receive an executive summary of the research when it’s done).

Finally, feel free to share with your colleagues.  The more responses, the merrier! And, of course, I’ll share the findings with you guys when it’s all been compiled.

Posted by Rob Fields

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