As you’re probably aware by now, Straight Outta Compton, the biopic on rap group NWA, opens today.  Buildup for the film’s premiere was driven by a smart campaign that let anyone, anywhere proudly rep their hometown, just by going to, and typing in a city name and uploading the image of your choice.  You’re then able to download the final image and share it out via social networks.  Just take a look at a sample of the people who participated:












Of course, a tool like this can be used to for social commentary, as is often the case.  For example, this references Meek Mill’s poorly thought-out rap battle against Drake; Bill Cosby’s admission that he acquired Quaaludes in order to drug women; and Rachel Dolezal, who really believes she’s black.


Interest in the tool, as measured by search volume, seems to have peaked last Sunday, according to Google Trend data:

Depending on how well the movie does this weekend, we may see a rebound in the number of people who participate. Generally speaking, however, I expect interest to continue to taper off, as people move onto the next meme-worthy piece of content.

In the meme-time, hat’s off to the creative team behind this, whoever you are.

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