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Now on Forbes: Four Brand-Building Lessons From Ava DuVernay

This revised version of an earlier post on Ava and her brand ran in February on

/ February 10, 2015

Branding: 10 Do’s, 10 Don’ts From Grant McCracken

.@grant27 offers a sharp assessment of today's branding landscape.

/ May 23, 2014

#Quote: “Branding doesn’t start with the logo.”

Your brand is who you are, not how you look.

/ October 31, 2013

Now On PSFK: 6 Lessons From Samsung’s Jay Z Partnership

This post originally appeared on PSFK today.  If I had to score this deal thusfar, I'd say Jay Z 2, Samsung 0.  Hopefully, that will change.  Read on. $20 million doesn't seem to get a global brand much these days.  At least, not yet. That's the amount electronics manufacturer Samsung...

/ August 12, 2013

Marketers Weigh In: Rebuilding The Essence Brand

Since I posted the request for marketing advice for Essence Magazine's new editor-in-chief, there were some interesting responses.  But before I get to those, some further thoughts. First, Essence has to take a page not just from New York Magazine or Fast Company, but from The Atlantic.  As chronicled on PaidContent, the...

/ August 8, 2013

How Can Its New Editor Rebuild The Essence Brand?

First, I want to offer my congratulations to Vanessa K. Bush, the newly named editor-in-chief of Essence Magazine.  As a pillar of black media, Essence Magazine has a venerable and respected history.  My hope is that Vanessa finds a way to effectively build Essence into a 21st century brand. And...

/ August 1, 2013

Meaningful Brands Index Methodology

In the previous post on Apple and its rankings within Havas Media's Meaningful Brands Index, there was also a question of the study's methodology.  To that question, Sara de Dios Lopez, Global Director of Meaningful Brands, provided the following.  I've done some minor editing for clarity.  Also, any emphasis is...

/ July 11, 2013

Apple & The Meaningful Brands Rankings

When I tweeted about my post on the Meaningful Brands Index results, my friend James Wooten was skeptical and thus ensued the following exchange: @robfields H&M, Nestlé and Microsoft rank higher than Apple? Hmmm... Seems fixed. — James A. Wooten III (@jaw_3) June 14, 2013   @jaw_3 Maybe being able...

/ July 11, 2013

The 2013 Havas Meaningful Brands Index (Infographic)

I've been on the road since Tuesday when this latest iteration of the Meaningful Brands Index was released.  That said, this is still worth checking out.  Havas's Meaningful Brands Index (MBi) measures the the extent to which people feel brands bring benefits to our lives.  This brings to mind some...

/ June 14, 2013

Your Idea Ain’t A Physical Product

This picks up on what I originally wrote on PSFK on waging the war of ideas.  Still encountering this too often.  Features and activity sets are pretty comparable across the board for most categories.  It'll be the ideas that are evangelized the best that win. That's good branding in this...

/ June 5, 2013

Why Telling The Right Story Matters

You have be cognizant of how your story will live on in the world after you tell it. --Alan Berkson, Founder/Principal of Intelligist Group at the #yrnyignite event on storytelling. But you know this applies to a whole lot more than advertising, right? Read More

/ January 31, 2013