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The Hard Truth About Content

@markwschaefer & @mitchjoel talk the future of blogging and content.

/ November 4, 2015

#StraightOuttaSomewhere Goes Viral

Movie marketers tap into everyone's desire to rep their hometown

/ August 14, 2015

#QUOTE: Frank Cooper on the Modern Media Company

.@f3cooper points out what will be table stakes for the new mass media companies like Buzzfeed

/ June 24, 2015

No Money In The Middle (Redux)

@monkbent on the age of power curves and the death of the bell curve.

/ March 18, 2014

Pitchfork Kills With Its Immersive Janelle Monae “Cover” Story

I have a newfound respect for Pitchfork.  It wasn't always the case.  As someone who focuses on black alt music, I've always felt that the site tended more towards bland, white indie rock dudes.  That said, I'm damn impressed by the "cover" story treatment they gave my favorite cybergirl Janelle...

/ September 5, 2013

Jay-Z & Samsung: Some Lessons For Brands

Photo credit: Matt Rourke/AP As we all know, thanks to some masterful marketing that included a 3-minute TV spot during the NBA Finals, as well as what initially seemed to be a brilliant roll-out of the parameters of the deal between the electronics manufacturer and the hip hop icon, the...

/ July 9, 2013

Who Cares Where The Programming Comes From. . .

(photo: Tina Fineberg/NYT) . . .as long as it's good.  I'm sure I'll come back to this quote from Josh Sapan of AMC Networks, who talked to the NY Times about the success of his network's hit show The Walking Dead. . . .but I don’t think the general public,...

/ March 10, 2013