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POVs on Cultural Leadership: Peter Spear

@pspear Those of you who know me know that Twitter is my social medium of choice. I've just been able to connect with and be inspired (and provoked) by a lot of smart people.  Case in point: Peter Spear, who calls his work "brand listening". What that means is that...

/ April 10, 2013

More on the Purpose-Driven vs. Cultural Leadership Debate

The conversation on cultural leadership continues.  Below is a follow-up to brand strategist Peter Spear's response to my post on why purpose-driven marketing is not cultural leadership. Peter, thanks for your thoughtful response. I really appreciate the chance to have this dialogue. Let's dive in. First, was the Dove Campaign...

/ April 9, 2013

Why Purpose-Driven Marketing Is Not Cultural Leadership

Purpose- or values-driven marketing is turning into the hot idea of late.  Here's how the NY Times described it: Purpose marketing, also called pro-social marketing, advertising for good and conscious capitalism, woos consumers with information about the values, behavior and beliefs of the companies that sell the products. The goal...

/ April 7, 2013

POVs On Cultural Leadership: Amber Horsburgh

@amberhorsburgh Amber is a strategist at hot boutique agency Big Spaceship.  A seasoned big picture thinker, Amber brings a background in music marketing at MTV, where she worked with artists as big as Armin Van Buuren to the Soundcloud producer.  Here's what she added to the discussion of cultural leadership....

/ April 1, 2013

POVs On Cultural Leadership: Phil McKenzie

@farflungphil Maybe you don't know Phil McKenzie.  But you probably know the Influencer Conference, his global platform (heading into its fourth year this fall) that brings together thought leaders and change agents in the arts, entrepreneurship, philanthropy and technology.  Global because you can catch it in NYC, London, Berlin, Sao...

/ March 29, 2013

Cultural Leadership And The Greater Good

According to a recent Huffington Post article, Coke is working to revive its brand via cultural leadership.  Here's blogger Carol Pierson Holding quoting event info from the Harvard Business School Club of New York: Coca-Cola is also in the middle of an ambitious plan to double its business by 2020....

/ March 29, 2013

POVs On Cultural Leadership: Tim Stock

@timstock It's only fair for me to say that all of this--this whole exploration of cultural leadership--is Tim Stock's fault.  The managing director and co-founder of consumer insights think tank scenarioDNA, Tim sent this tweet: i have hopes for Pepsi... but this is not cultural leadership....Pepsi Names Beyonce Brand Ambassador...

/ March 28, 2013

POVs On Cultural Leadership: Rick Liebling

@rickliebling Kicking off my series on cultural leadership is Y&R's Rick Liebling, the agency's Creative Culturalist.  It's his job to be a resource both internally and to Y&R clients to help them understand new developments in culture, consumer behavior and new technology.  That said, he's a great lead off as...

/ March 27, 2013

Continuing The Conversation on Cultural Leadership

The response to my recent PSFK column on cultural leadership has been great, I have to say.  It seems that I've touched a nerve (in a good way).  And, since there are so many unanswered (and unexplored) questions, I thought it's about time to open this conversation up to you...

/ March 25, 2013

Now On PSFK: Towards A Definition of Cultural Leadership

In case you missed it, I started the week off with a rework of my initial article on cultural leadership being featured on PSFK on Monday.  The column, with slight tweaks by the crack PSFK editorial team, can be seen here. Read More

/ March 13, 2013

Is Kimberly-Clark Showing Cultural Leadership?

I'm keeping an eye out for any potential examples of cultural leadership. This may be one, though I'm not sure. According to Ad Age: Work from WPP's Ogilvy & Mather, New York, leads the effort for the nearly three-year-old offshoot of the venerable Kotex brand. U by Kotex reversed a...

/ January 5, 2013

Questions And More Questions

Right now there are waayy more questions than clear answers or direction as relates to cultural leadership. For example, here are some areas that I think are worth exploring: What’s the best and most useful definition of cultural leadership? Is it even reasonable/worthwhile to expect brands to “lead” when it...

/ January 3, 2013