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Culture As Medium Redux

Here's what culture as a medium looks like.

/ September 19, 2013

5 Ways To Stop Making Stupid Mistakes With Culture

The Mountain Dew goat ad.  It's offensive on a lot of levels: Lineup of suspects is all black men.  Except for a goat? The badly battered victim (black-eyed and on crutches!) is a white woman.  This, lazily, plays on racists fears of black men “defiling” white women.  Ugh.  And the...

/ May 2, 2013

Now on Slideshare: My “Cultural Icebergs” Presentation

Cultural Icebergs from Rob Fields I decided to turn my previous post into a slide presentation, especially since I'm loving Slideshare these days!  Why? Turns out it's a great repository for thinkers.  Even better, it's great to see people use it like I am--as a iterative platform.  Meaning, all of...

/ January 28, 2013

Gladwell on the Black-White I.Q. Gap

Elsewhere on this blog, I've talked about how culture provides a context not only for how marketing communications are understood, but also for how we understand the world.  Malcolm Gladwell comes at this from a slightly different angle as he explores the supposed I.Q. gap between Blacks and White in...

/ December 11, 2007

Hard[er] out here for a CMO

As reported in Adweek, CMO tenure is down: the global nature of today's economy and the speed at which it moves has left many CEOs with unrealistic expectations, said Ian Beavis, vice president of marketing for Kia Motors America. Many chief executives, he said, are looking for a "magic bullet"...

/ January 22, 2007

“Flock and Flow”: Harvesting Chaos

One of the cool things about blogging, at least for me, is the ability to interview marketing thought leaders.  Later today, I’ll be conducting an interview with cultural anthropologist and fellow blogger Grant McCracken. As I noted in an earlier post, I share his interest in understanding how culture impacts...

/ December 1, 2006

Culture: The Newest Medium

Amid all of this talk about new media, culture is the one medium that’s rarely discussed.  Most people take culture for granted.  But as the marketplace—the cultural landscape—fragments into niche upon niche, culture will take on increasing importance for marketers.  Soon, effective communications planning will not only hinge on the...

/ November 28, 2006