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My Three Words for 2018

I don't really do resolutions. Instead, I do these.

/ January 1, 2018

My First Two Months At Weeksville

What to say after 10 weeks at the helm of Weeksville?

/ November 14, 2017

Quoted in Popmatters on Afropunk

@Popmatters looks at the rise of @afropunk. I'm honored to be included in the discussion.

/ July 9, 2015

Quoted In The New York Times!

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the following tweet--made in the aftermath President Obama's remarks on Trayvon Martin in the wake of the Zimmerman verdict--made it into the country's paper of record. Interesting some of the reax to POTUS on #TrayvonMartin. The country has never been made to...

/ July 24, 2013

Quoted By BET’s T.J. Holmes

The BET anchor graciously quotes from my N-word op-ed

/ July 9, 2012’s 50 Best Web sites

Fellow blogger David Berkowitz reached out to me on behalf of 50 Best Web sites.  Definitely an interesting list.  I say that because I don't recognize most of the sites.  The one site I use regularly is Imeem (#31), and I just added TinyURL (#8) to my toolbar after...

/ June 19, 2008

Life Changes

So, I finally make a tentative step back to blogging.  As I wrote to some friends a few days ago, I’m just now feeling like I’m getting some equilibrium back in my life.  Yeah, life happens and even when you make preparations, sometimes you’re still not ready for the way...

/ April 23, 2008

Just to get a Wii

Some of you out there have wee ones--or not so wee ones--on your holiday list who have requested a Wii.  Even at this "early" date, there is some product scarcity.  One of my colleagues told me that the Toys R Us near her was only getting 100 in on a...

/ December 4, 2007

Been A Long Time

So, how long has it been?  Three weeks?  Four?  It’s definitely been a hiatus.  Unintended initially, but ultimately one that I enjoyed.  I can look back and say that it was time for a break.  The initial interruption was work, our annual conference to be exact.  We had a lot...

/ April 10, 2007