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Three Lessons From Toyota’s “Swagger Wagon 2”

Yes, hip hop is global, but using it still requires understanding cultural nuance

/ August 6, 2014

Now On PSFK: 6 Lessons From Samsung’s Jay Z Partnership

This post originally appeared on PSFK today.  If I had to score this deal thusfar, I'd say Jay Z 2, Samsung 0.  Hopefully, that will change.  Read on. $20 million doesn't seem to get a global brand much these days.  At least, not yet. That's the amount electronics manufacturer Samsung...

/ August 12, 2013

What Two Guys Learned About The Importance Of Feminine Values

This is my latest post on PSFK, published today. One of the biggest cultural shifts currently taking place is the shift towards feminine values and traits on a global scale. As noted in their forthcoming book The Athena Doctrine: How Women (And The Men Who Think Like Them) Will Rule...

/ April 11, 2013

Now On PSFK: Towards A Definition of Cultural Leadership

In case you missed it, I started the week off with a rework of my initial article on cultural leadership being featured on PSFK on Monday.  The column, with slight tweaks by the crack PSFK editorial team, can be seen here. Read More

/ March 13, 2013

Now on PSFK: 6 Keys To Waging The War Of Ideas

My first column for creative business site PSFK ran yesterday. The premise: Today's modern business environment isn't just about competing on product and service quality, but also on the quality of your ideas.  Here's some of what I wrote: It’s not just content, but the expression and sharing of powerful ideas...

/ February 28, 2013