Dy-NAM-ics is live!

Why dy-NAM-ics (dynamics)? These are the ideas and trends that the contributors have identified as the driving forces that will shape the year ahead.

I’m also pleased that, in addition to mine, the 23 perspectives come from a range of ages, genders, and ethnicities and company types (smaller, indie consultancies to well-established conglomerates). I’m also pleased that we also have a few non-U.S. participants–two based in London, one in South Africa—and that’s not even counting the two Brits and the Canadian based here in NYC who participated.   So, if you will permit me, I’m going to go ahead and call this a “global” project.

Thanks to all this year’s contributors!  You all made it possible.  They are:

Keith Anderson, Profitero
Kojo Baffoe, Project Fable
Martin Bihl, The Agency Review
Lauren Cerand, Lauren Cerand PR
Ted Coine‘, Meddle.it
Matt Collins, Microsoft
Piers Fawkes, PSFK
Winston Ford, The Couch Sessions/Tasty
Alex Frias, Track Marketing Group
Jonathan Hall, Added Value
Dr. Nat Irvin II, University of Louisville
Anne Lise Kjaer, Kjaer Global
Denitria Lewis, CUSPData Corporation
Christine Mauro, Siegelvision
Grant McCracken, Freelance Anthropologist
Philip L. McKenzie, InfluencerCon
Laura Moser, Momentum Worldwide
Indy Neogy, KILN
Latoya Peterson, Racialicious
Marian St. Laurent, Heavy Symbols
Michael Street, SF1M
Michael Tonge, Carat/The Culture LP
Tadd Wilson, Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions

Take a look.  Hopefully, like me, you’ll get some inspiration and insight.  Also, please follow my contributors on social media and get to know their work.  Collectively, they’re a great group to know, and I expect you’ll find your thinking as enriched as I’ve found mind.