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Jocelyn Cooper of Afropunk in “Fast Company”

.@jocelyn_jc on Afropunk and the innovators that are pushing culture forward

/ May 21, 2015

Pitchfork Kills With Its Immersive Janelle Monae “Cover” Story

I have a newfound respect for Pitchfork.  It wasn't always the case.  As someone who focuses on black alt music, I've always felt that the site tended more towards bland, white indie rock dudes.  That said, I'm damn impressed by the "cover" story treatment they gave my favorite cybergirl Janelle...

/ September 5, 2013

#Unplug: Baratunde Thurston On His Digital Detox

First, congrats to Baratunde for being the subject of the latest Fast Company cover story (he also made the cover for the Generation Flux issue, but this time it's all him!).  This article is well worth the read, as it details the steps and experiences that someone deemed by many...

/ June 20, 2013