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#Quote: The Importance of Culture To Pepsi

Genuine connections are made through the medium of culture.

/ October 21, 2014

Beyonce and the Celebrity Brand Paradigm

Under the cover of darkness, Beyonce launches a new album. Things done changed.

/ December 13, 2013

My Reasons Why

Corporations don't get culture and, frankly, it frustrates me. It's 2013 and, for the most part, companies still think sponsoring recognized artists or established cultural institutions, or doing TV ads around a big movie partnerships count as effectively leveraging culture.  This borrowed equity game is just the tip of the...

/ July 21, 2013

“Cultural Iceberg” Presentation Featured on Slideshare!

Imagine my surprise to get an email from the Slideshare team that my Cultural Iceberg slides were chosen as one of the sites Top Presentations of the Day.  The deck is being featured on Slideshare's homepage through tomorrow AM.  If you miss it, you can view them here. Thanks to...

/ February 1, 2013

Now on Slideshare: My “Cultural Icebergs” Presentation

Cultural Icebergs from Rob Fields I decided to turn my previous post into a slide presentation, especially since I'm loving Slideshare these days!  Why? Turns out it's a great repository for thinkers.  Even better, it's great to see people use it like I am--as a iterative platform.  Meaning, all of...

/ January 28, 2013

Culture As Iceberg

Culture can turn anyone into a modern day Edward Smith, the ill-fated captain of the RMS Titanic. Smith went down with his ship when it hit an iceberg on April 14, 1912. If you’re a brand steward, you don’t want to end up like Smith. But that’s potentially what’s happening...

/ January 16, 2013