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And African American ad shops wonder why they get no respect

The production is great.  The choir is rousing.  It's made it into the media rotation during "Ugly Betty".  So what's wrong with this spot? It's lazy. Cynical. Perhaps the brief read something like this: "Create awareness among an African-American audience of Mazda's Motor Trend award."  So some lazy CD turned...

/ November 1, 2007

Nike and the “continually curious” organization

At it's core, the Nike brand has been about authenticity, particularly to the athletic enthusiast.  By staying tuned to what the core enthusiasts are into--music, slang, dress codes, athletes they admire, etc.--and fully understanding what it means to be immersed in that lifestyle, the brand has been able to grow...

/ October 26, 2007

Green Strategy Questions–Part 2

Based on the previous post, here's another one I thought of, which, actually, should've been the one of the first questions asked: What do your consumers and customers want?  Many companies talk about being consumer-centric.  If that's the case, then are your consumers calling for more green?  Also, it's useful...

/ September 27, 2007

Green Strategy Questions

As I was writing the previous post, I found that I'd developed a whole set a questions that I think marketers should be asking.  Funny, but despite the suspicions on the part of American consumers, there are a lot of companies that believe they need to be in a "green"...

/ September 27, 2007

Most Americans: Green is “Just a Marketing Tactic”

Nature Landscape: Land Formation, originally uploaded by photo.imagina.Obviously, there’s a lot of talk about “green”.  More than ever, products and services are touting their eco-consciousness, foods are “organic” or “natural” and companies are staking claims that they support “sustainability”.But according to an Ipsos Reid study reported today by the Center...

/ September 27, 2007

Targeting Influencers? Why?

Seth Godin points us to a recently released Jupiter report that suggests thatmarketers are failing at viral campaigns because it only works 15% of the time, and that the most popular technique was "targeting influentials."I've always been skeptical of courting influencers and so-called "tastemakers" because they're so fickle.  Particularly when...

/ September 6, 2007

Marketing to the Gay community

This AdAge video covers the growing ad dollars being spent on the gay community and spotlights Levi's new ad that was shot with two endings--one for the general market and the other for the gay market and aired exclusively on Logo. Read More

/ August 7, 2007

Will the genius behind this campaign please stand up?

Okay, so is this a fatal mistake?  Not really. It’s just dumb. Oh, fuck it.  This calls for Angry Black Man mode. If you’re wondering how something like this happened, I’ll tell you.  Because those lily white, running-to-catch-the Hamptons-Jitney crowd at McCann don’t have one fucking clue about anyone who...

/ August 2, 2007

PSFK Conference: Recapping, not Kneecapping!

Spent yesterday with a bunch of smart people who attended PSFK’s trends and ideas conference.  Certainly, there were lots of provocative ideas and trends highlighted, particularly those that deal with ways that technology is enabling new types of activities and social interactions.  Before jumping in, my hat's off to Piers...

/ March 7, 2007

PODCAST: Marketing Black Books–part 1

Should fiction written by black authors be shelved in African-American departments, a move that often helps nurture writers? Or should it be presented alongside other categories, such as general literature, allowing books written by black authors to take their place in publishing's mainstream? --Jeffrey Trachtenburg, The Wall Street Journal, December...

/ February 4, 2007

Hard[er] out here for a CMO

As reported in Adweek, CMO tenure is down: the global nature of today's economy and the speed at which it moves has left many CEOs with unrealistic expectations, said Ian Beavis, vice president of marketing for Kia Motors America. Many chief executives, he said, are looking for a "magic bullet"...

/ January 22, 2007

PODCAST: Grant McCracken on Managing Discontinuous Change

I was searching for a thoughtful intro to this post, but nothing’s came my way.  Except to say that doing this interview was truly a pleasure because Grant--the author of Flock and Flow: Predicting and Managing Change in a Dynamic Marketplace-- is a thinker and blogger from whom I’m always...

/ January 17, 2007