@domhall On Brands Navigating Culture

You need to have a good grasp of the cultural foundation of your brand and where you're going.  You need to have that totally battened down.  And everyone [internally] needs to speak the same language. Then you can start to play in fast culture. --Dominic Hall, EVP of Planning, BBDO...

/ March 7, 2013

Why Telling The Right Story Matters

You have be cognizant of how your story will live on in the world after you tell it. --Alan Berkson, Founder/Principal of Intelligist Group at the #yrnyignite event on storytelling. But you know this applies to a whole lot more than advertising, right? Read More

/ January 31, 2013

No Law That Says Technology Has To Benefit Everyone

Tom Friedman on the global economic stratification caused by technology. Whoa.

/ January 31, 2013

The Digital Fabrication Revolution

Digital fabrication consists of much more than 3-D printing.  It is an evolving suite of capabilities to turn data into things and things into data. . .The collective challenge is to answer the central question it poses: How will we live, learn, work and play when anyone can make anything,...

/ January 13, 2013

Forrester: CES Matters More Than Ever

And that’s why, even as the tech titans bow out of CES, CES matters more than ever to every other marketer, product strategist, and C-level executive in every industry. Because computing continues to evolve, diffuse, and disrupt--with or without Microsoft on the mainstage. --Forrester Research analyst Sarah Rotman: Why CES...

/ January 7, 2013

Courage and Leadership

I call them the six steps of leadership, surrounded by courage. Courage is an interesting one because any leadership role is about stepping out and having the courage to be different, because you have to be different to be a leader. --California Pizza Kitchen CEO G.J. Hart interviewed in the...

/ January 6, 2013

More Cracks In The Wall of Whiteness

So many of the voices in fiction that are out there are deeply neurotic white male stories of how, ‘Oh, I had weird sex, I can’t figure things out, I’m going to ramble for 300 pages, you better sit still because I’m a tour de force,’ ” Ms. Maduka said. “I...

/ January 6, 2013

Tim O’Reilly: Not Apps, But Culture Change

Yes, founder Jen Pahlka figured that instead of talking about how government should change, you have to demonstrate how to do it. The key output of Code for America is not apps, it’s culture change. The teams tackle projects that officials have been told will take years and cost millions,...

/ December 28, 2012

Playwright Katori Hall: Some of the best theater is regional

. . .performers think that Broadway is the Holy Grail, as if they aren’t anyone unless they perform on the Great White Way, and that’s unfortunate, I don’t think that’s true. I think some of the best theater is going on regionally, the best theater is happening off Broadway. I...

/ December 12, 2012

Lefsetz’s Rules of the Road

6. We live in a singles world. If you listen to the outcries demanding an album you’re no different from Karl Rove protesting that Romney won. He who cracks the singles market on a regular basis will win in the future. No one’s got time. Stay in their mind constantly...

/ December 10, 2012