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Rob Fields is an award-winning ex-account guy (GM, Honda, Toyota, Burger King, and IBM)  who is passionate about helping brands thrive at the intersection of marketing, business and contemporary culture.  He connects often disparate dots across the business and cultural landscape to develop insights that can be used for strategy, content development, innovation, thought leadership, and more.  What sets him apart is that he’s an experienced thinker who knows activations, having built brands across entertainment, QSR, software, automotive and nonprofit sectors through events, sponsorship, research, content and community.  Rob is one of the strongest writers you’ll meet, and he proves it regularly via his blog, as well as his contributions to Forbes and PSFK. You can see the range of topics he covered on both sites here:


The TL; DR* Version

Rob Fields is an award-winning marketer and strategist who is passionate about helping brands thrive at the intersection of marketing, business and contemporary culture. A strategic thinker, he helps companies not only understand contemporary culture, but build their brands in a socially networked world. He helps companies make sense of how consumer interests and lifestyle choices—along with economic and technological disruption—are reframing the ways that they relate to and understand brands.

With a background in agency account management—stints at UniWorld Group (WPP) and Renegade Marketing Group (Dentsu), Rob has built brands across multiple sectors: software (IBM), QSR (Burger King); consumer electronics (Panasonic); entertainment (Capitol Records and indie film); automotive (Toyota, Honda and GM); as well as non-profits (Caribbean Cultural Center, the Black Rock Coalition, and the Brand Activation Association). He’s experienced at creating content and programming around specific needs, lifestyles and interests that encouraged communities to coalesce and grow.

In 2011, Rob launched the TED-inspired New Black Imagination Festival, a platform for forward-looking, global black culture. The Festival is a natural outgrowth of the work that he’s been doing on his black alt music and culture magazine Bold As Love (, which he started in 2007 and features news, reviews, interviews and commentary focused on the state of contemporary global black culture. In 2010, he published the first set of results from quantitative research into attitudes and buying preferences of this audience.

He has been a frequent guest on NPR, and writes for the creative business site PSFK, the Huffington Post,, and, among others. He has hosted artist interviews for BET/CentricTV, and was a panelist at SXSW 2009 and SXSW 2010, where he interviewed seminal black punk band Death. He’s also spoken at CMJ in both 2009 and 2013, and at the Indiana University’s Black Rock Conference.

He is currently Director of Marketing at the Brand Activation Association, Inc., where he works with Fortune 500 brands on conferences, content and research. Other brands he’s worked with include Urbanworld Film Festival and Citibank. He marketed and distributed Bridgett M. Davis’ debut feature film, Naked Acts, which made money from its theatrical release in New York City—a rarity among indie films–and is now available on DVD and Netflix.

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