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The Hard Truth About Content

@markwschaefer & @mitchjoel talk the future of blogging and content.

/ November 4, 2015

#QUOTE: Frank Cooper on the Modern Media Company

.@f3cooper points out what will be table stakes for the new mass media companies like Buzzfeed

/ June 24, 2015

#QUOTE: The Brand Manager’s Culture Hurdle

A linear vs. post-linear world. Which are you managing your brand for?

/ March 4, 2015

#Quote: How To Be An Expert In A Changing World

Don't be an expert on a world that no longer exists.

/ December 12, 2014

#Quote: The Importance of Culture To Pepsi

Genuine connections are made through the medium of culture.

/ October 21, 2014

#Quote: How To Do Important Work

Only an effort to solve important problems leads to important work.

/ October 16, 2014

#QUOTE on The Future of Retail

@retailprophet on the shift from distribution of products to distribution of experiences

/ March 19, 2014

#Quote: “You’ve got to move out of your own comfort zone”

"By focusing only on what you know, what you are comfortable with. . .you ignore customer requirements, constantly doubling down on existing strengths."

/ November 1, 2013

#Quote: “Branding doesn’t start with the logo.”

Your brand is who you are, not how you look.

/ October 31, 2013