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Why “Passing Strange” Matters

Tomorrow marks the Broadway debut of the musical "Passing Strange".  It was just this past May when the musical, the brainchild of singer/songwriter Stew, enjoyed both critical adulation and an extended run at The Public Theater. Broadway is, of course, a whole 'nother level, but it's one that this work...

/ February 7, 2008

Sign o’ the times: NY retailers accepting Euros

In an effort to cater to the flood of European tourists coming to NY, area businesses are starting to accept payment in Euros.  According to the Daily News:In fact, one city store, East Village Wines, recently started taking euros as well as greenbacks to draw in travelers, as well as...

/ February 7, 2008

The electorate provides a clue to the cultural shift

In an editorial in today's NY Times, David Brooks focuses on what he believes John McCain will need to do in order to take a real leadership position.  One of the groups he suggests that McCain has to be better in touch with is the middle class.  He writes:Picture a...

/ February 1, 2008

When it comes to digital, it’s all about the niche

While covering the AlwaysOn Conference, paidContent's David Kaplan highlighted some of the discussion around the fact that marketers still seem to be behind the curve when it comes to understanding social networks.  Here, he quotes Ben Bajarian, president of Creative Strategies. . .when it comes to finding a place for...

/ January 29, 2008

Listening Post: Shrine for the Black Madonna–“Mona Lisa”

As many of you know, over at Bold As Love, I'm chronicling what I see as the cultural shift that, I believe, is making it possible for Black rock to move from the fringes towards the mainstream.  To further support this, I wanted to make sure that I'm sharing music...

/ January 24, 2008

Culture evolves and language struggles to keep pace

Really great article in today's New York Times by Kirk Johnson that looks at the '08 campaign thusfar--including Barack Obama's victory in Iowa.  It's of interest here because it views the political landscape, particularly the rhetoric used in conjunction with the campaigns, through the lens of culture.  Basically, Johnson wonders...

/ January 6, 2008

Best Black rock releases of 2007

Game Rebellion's Yohimbe at Snitch, December 19, 2007 Over at Bold As Love, I was originally going to just list what I thought to be a list of Black rock releases for 2007.  After all, if there's real momentum in this growing community, there should at least be signs of...

/ December 28, 2007

links for 2007-01-04

Survey: Net expands musical tastes On some level, it seems obvious, but there's useful data to keep in mind here. (tags: digital+music) Read More

/ January 4, 2007