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Branding: 10 Do’s, 10 Don’ts From Grant McCracken

.@grant27 offers a sharp assessment of today's branding landscape.

/ May 23, 2014

Asia and Africa In The Minds of Europeans

Are you putting global consumers in a box that's way too small? Seems like it.

/ May 15, 2014

#FutureOfFood: What’s The Scenario (Plan)?

Considering a potentially disruptive event for QSR and grocery brands.

/ May 9, 2014

Even Numbers Got Feelin’s

Some numbers never leave you. For me, this is one.

/ April 26, 2014
Credit: Reuters/Phil Noble

Americans Having Dogs Instead of Babies

Via @qz, a noteworthy trend

/ April 12, 2014

Now On Culture As Competitive Advantage

Now on @forbes. Brands will need to think more holistically about contemporary culture if they want to succeed in tomorrow's marketplace.

/ April 8, 2014

#QUOTE on The Future of Retail

@retailprophet on the shift from distribution of products to distribution of experiences

/ March 19, 2014

No Money In The Middle (Redux)

@monkbent on the age of power curves and the death of the bell curve.

/ March 18, 2014

Is 2014 the year companies wake up to culture?

@competia and @deniseleeyohn highlight the shift in corporate attitudes towards contemporary culture

/ March 9, 2014

The Root of Marketing’s Problem With Culture — Part 2

@pspear's defense of qualitative research offers another argument for the limitations of the engineering & economic mindsets that frame business today.

/ February 13, 2014

Research Launching: What’s the Value of Culture To A Marketer?

What do you think the value of culture is to a marketer? Let me know by taking the survey!

/ February 12, 2014

The #NewBlackImagination and Hassan Hajjaj’s “Kesh Angels”

Post-modern Africans continue to question, redefine and reshape the consumer landscape.

/ February 11, 2014