Category: Cultural Leadership

Where Culture Matters In The Brand Plan

Contemporary culture doesn't seem to have a home on the brand plan. But here's how it can.

/ March 3, 2015

Tweets: Visa’s Shiv Singh On Culture

Thanks @shivsingh for using the music industry to highlight the importance of culture to brands.

/ January 10, 2015

Should Your Media Agency Be Your Lead Culture Agency?

Be wary of media agencies trying to position themselves as the best way for brands to align with culture.

/ January 10, 2015

#Quote: The Importance of Culture To Pepsi

Genuine connections are made through the medium of culture.

/ October 21, 2014

Apple & The Cultural Proficiency Loop

Saturday, I posted about the idea of LA as a cultural hub, a piece I developed based on a series of tweets from product manager and designer Rebekah Cox.  In that post, I said that was the first of two ideas that struck me.  Here's the second: (The Beats acquisition _finally_...

/ June 29, 2014

Is 2014 the year companies wake up to culture?

@competia and @deniseleeyohn highlight the shift in corporate attitudes towards contemporary culture

/ March 9, 2014

Newell Rubbermaid Brings Outside Culture Further In

@nwlrubbermaid's new org structure puts the voice of the consumer closer to the marketing dollars.

/ February 5, 2014

What’s It Really Mean To Be A Responsive Brand?

@armano got me thinking: What makes for true responsiveness?

/ January 13, 2014

POVs On Cultural Leadership: Evan Greene

@hopeandchange The cultural leadership conversation continues! Next up: Evan Greene, CMO of The Recording Academy.  Evan has, I think, one of the cooler marketing jobs out there: He oversees the organization that brings you The Grammys!  To that role, he brings deep experience in advertising, branding, corporate identity and promotions. ...

/ July 22, 2013

POV’s On Cultural Leadership: Indy Neogy

The latest voice in the conversation around cultural leadership is Indy Neogy, the Culture, Change and Innovation Leader at Throughline, a London-based consultancy that helps its clients create resonant stories that empower a company's leaders and drive business.  He's also the author of When Culture Matters: The 55-Minute Guide To...

/ June 19, 2013

Research Reduces Risk. Or Does It?

A few weeks ago, I spoke with Lauren Kren, the brand manager on Kimberly-Clark’s U By Kotex and the Generation Know program. I still need to go over those notes. But one thing we agreed upon: Research reduces risk. At least on the front end. It allows you to go...

/ June 11, 2013

POV’s On Cultural Leadership: Dr. Jonathan A.J. Wilson

Really thrilled at the interest level in this topic of brands and cultural leadership.  Lots of smart people are sharing some great perspectives. Adding to the conversation is Dr. Jonathan Wilson, a senior lecturer in advertising and communications management at the University of Greenwich, London, UK.  In addition to branding...

/ May 14, 2013