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@Rushkoff on Millennials and “Light Engagement”

Doug Rushkoff, author of the recently released book Present Shock: When Everything Happens Now, floated this idea of light engagement in his recent column on LinkedIN.  In it, he offers his take on why Yahoo bought Tumblr. Basically, it was for the kids.  Wrapped up in this is the idea...

/ May 24, 2013

POVs On Cultural Leadership: Amber Horsburgh

@amberhorsburgh Amber is a strategist at hot boutique agency Big Spaceship.  A seasoned big picture thinker, Amber brings a background in music marketing at MTV, where she worked with artists as big as Armin Van Buuren to the Soundcloud producer.  Here's what she added to the discussion of cultural leadership....

/ April 1, 2013

POLL: Are You Sticking With Instagram?

Based on the news about Instagram's new Terms of Service (wherein they assume to right to sell your images), I'm curious as to how many of you will proceed on or before the new TOS takes effect on January 16.   Given its new terms of service, are you planning...

/ December 18, 2012