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The 2013 Havas Meaningful Brands Index (Infographic)

I've been on the road since Tuesday when this latest iteration of the Meaningful Brands Index was released.  That said, this is still worth checking out.  Havas's Meaningful Brands Index (MBi) measures the the extent to which people feel brands bring benefits to our lives.  This brings to mind some...

/ June 14, 2013

How Ambition Impacts Corporate Strategy

Reading Lafley and Martin's Playing To Win: How Strategy Really Works raised this question for me:  If so many people—and you all know them—claim to be trained in strategy, claim to be strategic thinkers, why aren’t more companies better at it? Two things come to mind: First is culture.  In...

/ May 29, 2013

Why Purpose-Driven Marketing Is Not Cultural Leadership

Purpose- or values-driven marketing is turning into the hot idea of late.  Here's how the NY Times described it: Purpose marketing, also called pro-social marketing, advertising for good and conscious capitalism, woos consumers with information about the values, behavior and beliefs of the companies that sell the products. The goal...

/ April 7, 2013