One movie I’m looking forward to is Saw III.  I’ve seen the first two and am completely fascinated by the genre-bending that takes place.  It’s horror through and through, particularly that of the psychological kind.  In the previous films, the protagonists are unable to escape their gruesome fates because they can’t overcome a fatal character flaw.  Viewed thus, Jigsaw, man who devises all of the fiendish  death traps, is not a murderer.  No, these characters do themselves in.  It’s Greek tragedy for the 21st century.

Ultimately, the films are about gratitude for life, something that seems in all too short supply, and keeping a perspective that helps dial down that sense of entitlement that seems prevalent almost everywhere.  In that way, it’s a refreshing use of a genre to make a point about society. 

But, before I wax too poetic about the virtues of this series (and my hopes for this next installment), I should remind you that it is, in fact, a horror film.

Oh, yes: There will be blood.

Posted by Rob Fields