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Playwright Katori Hall: Some of the best theater is regional

. . .performers think that Broadway is the Holy Grail, as if they aren’t anyone unless they perform on the Great White Way, and that’s unfortunate, I don’t think that’s true. I think some of the best theater is going on regionally, the best theater is happening off Broadway. I...

/ December 12, 2012

Notes from @PSFK’s 2013 Trends Hangout

Good stuff on the hangout.  I'm not  offering much analysis here.  Just highlighting a few things that stood out to me. In addition to PSFK co-founder Piers Fawkes, the hangout included: Aziz Ali (PSFK contributor) Rachel Schectman (Story) David Polinchock (AT&T Adworks Lab) Chase Jarvis (Creative Live) Jonathan Ford (Pearlfisher)...

/ December 12, 2012

Google Zeitgeist 2012: The Year In Review

Done as only the search giant can.  Pretty cool to see what made it to the top of the year's searches. Read More

/ December 12, 2012

Brands and Cultural Leadership

  Pepsi just cut a deal with Beyonce. The deal, valued at $50MM, is great news for Beyonce. But what defines cultural leadership for brands?  Is it being in business with the superstar of the moment? That feels more like now, not next.  Which means your brand is where everyone...

/ December 11, 2012

Strategy: Easy to say. Hard to do.

Strategy is one of those words people like to throw out.  It makes them sound smart.  The word is easy to say, but hard to stick to. Let’s assume you’ve picked the right strategy.  Here’s the thing: It's about way more than choosing a direction.  Strategy says this is what...

/ December 11, 2012

Lefsetz’s Rules of the Road

6. We live in a singles world. If you listen to the outcries demanding an album you’re no different from Karl Rove protesting that Romney won. He who cracks the singles market on a regular basis will win in the future. No one’s got time. Stay in their mind constantly...

/ December 10, 2012

Noticed: Race As Positive Visual Shorthand

Noted: Two different spots use the same visual shorthand. Interesting

/ November 20, 2012

Don’t Be Afraid To Prune Your Social Networks

Your social networks can benefit from regular pruning. Seriously.

/ November 19, 2012

6 Ways To Handle Requests From Strangers on LinkedIn

It's okay--and recommended--to decline a complete stranger's connection invitation.

/ November 15, 2012

Why Nostalgia Can Hurt You

Mitt and the GOP lost because they didn't get popular culture.

/ November 11, 2012

“Branded”, An Advertising Sci-Fi Thriller

Ever thought advertising was just pure manipulation? This movie takes that idea and really runs with it.

/ August 11, 2012

Quoted By BET’s T.J. Holmes

The BET anchor graciously quotes from my N-word op-ed

/ July 9, 2012