photo by Daniel Casini

Some additional thoughts based on my last post

One of the things that I notice about MySpace, Facebook and the like is the way that people communicate.  Specifically, there’s a contingent that uses the internal communications tools.  I’ve had a significant number of notes exchanged with some people inside these networks.  However, if I send a note to their e-mail address, I get no reply.  Interesting, right?  Is it that they’re more likely to answer a note from a "friend"?

I don’t have an answer for this.  But, what’s piqued my curiousity is this question: What are the implications for e-mail marketing, particularly when consumers begin using other communications channels?  Do any of you foresee a time when e-mail ceases to be an effective tool for marketers?  What would that future look like?  If for example, it’s not e-mail, then will it be shared mobile video?  Will marketers leverage intra-network sites and use functionality to share links with images to outside sites, much in the way you can in Facebook?

At the end of the day, should marketers begin to prepare for the rise of a much more immersive social network that upends the current communications paradigms?  Maybe just having you as a friend will be the price of entry in order to begin a communication/dialogue with you.

I’d love some feedback on this, so feel free to fire away!

Posted by Rob Fields