Yesterday’s NY Times featured a big piece by Jon Pareles on Radiohead and their "online gamble".  From a culture/trend standpoint, Pareles points out that the band’s move "establshed 2007 as two kinds of tipping point for recorded music." Specifically:

  • One is as the year of the superstar free agent (In addition to Radiohead, there was Madonna, The Eagles, Joni Mitchell and Paul McCartney).
  • Second "is the decisive migration of music to the Internet."  Here Pareles points to the accelerating momentum of online music, citing iTunes’ position as the 3rd largest music retailer in the states, Amazon offering MP3’s, and hip hop mixtapes now finding significant life online.

Another step towards digital being at the center of everything.

Radiohead in the NY Times is here.

Some thoughts on Radiohead from are here.

Posted by Rob Fields