Yes, it took me a few weeks, but I finally collected my thoughts on project.  The result is my first piece on The Huffington Post.  For me, it comes down to this question:

How can you call something “BlakRoc” when the black folks on the project only rap and the rockers are all white?

BlakRoc is thename of Damon Dash’s upcoming project, a collaboration between white rockers The Black Keys and rappers such as Mos Def, Q-Tip, Ludacris,
and Raekwon, to name a few.  Ordinarily, I could care less what Damon
Dash does.  But in choosing this name for the project, he crossed a
line: You can’t match black rappers and white rockers and call it

No, BlakRoc has nothing to do with black rock,
something I’ve spent nearly the last three years championing on my
blog.  The conflation of the two is offensive. There’s too much history
there. It’s like he’s acknowledging the existence of black rock with
his middle finger.

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Posted by Rob Fields