Right now there are waayy more questions than clear answers or direction as relates to cultural leadership. For example, here are some areas that I think are worth exploring:

  • What’s the best and most useful definition of cultural leadership?
  • Is it even reasonable/worthwhile to expect brands to “lead” when it comes to culture?
  • Does the concept of cultural leadership exist at cross-purposes to the main function of the enterprise, i.e., to sell more stuff?
  • To what extent is the inability of companies to lead culturally related to the inability of big companies to innovate?
  • What’s the relationship between cultural leadership & Havas Media’s idea of meaningfulness?
  • How does risk factor into cultural leadership? If it’s not risky, can it really be considered leadership? I suggest: No risk, no leadership. See Pepsi/Beyonce.
  • How does cultural leadership map to other indicators of business health such as volume, profit and market share?
  • The inspiring of consumer passion/fandom/cult status as a leading indicator?
  • Is the role of the brand best served as that of an amplifier, i.e., bringing cultural undercurrents to a mass audience?

Are there other questions that you think are much more germane to this discussion?  If so, please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Posted by Rob Fields

Observer. Curator. Marketer. Dot connector.