First, congrats to Baratunde for being the subject of the latest Fast Company cover story (he also made the cover for the Generation Flux issue, but this time it’s all him!).  This article is well worth the read, as it details the steps and experiences that someone deemed by many as “the world’s most connected man” had to take to unplug and take a 25-day digital detox.  Here’s some of what he wrote:

I had given hundreds of apps, websites, and services the rights to publish my activities to Facebook and Twitter, or to interrupt my iPhone experience with unsolicited alerts. Some alerts just add a number to a count on the app’s icon, which seemed meaningless until I realized that little number is a nagging reminder I’d never truly reach inbox zero. I never sat down in a single signing ceremony granting permission for all of this communication. Instead, I had clicked yes or allow or check here if you just want to get to the actual app you installed once in a while over several years. Now I was trying to shut it all down on a single day. I was stunned at the cumulative level of noise I had embraced and frustrated at how difficult it was to silence.

Also very cool: Read this on the Fast Company iPad app, and you’ll see how FC takes advantage of the capabilities of that platform to bring the cover story to life. #ThreatLevelAwesome

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