Back in December, I posted an open call to participate in a trends project.  Rather coming up with a list of key trends on my own, I thought it would be more useful to hear from the some of the smart people who make up my community, and have them share the ideas and trends across marketing, business and contemporary culture that most excited them for the coming year.

I’m calling it dy-NAM-ics, since these are the ideas that they feel are the driving forces in their respective areas.

20+ thoughtful responses.  And this group? I  admire all of them.  Not only do they inspire me, but they also make me a better thinker.

When’s the launch?  Next Wednesday, January 21.  Stay tuned for more info on the participants and the ideas that have captured their imaginations as they start 2015.

UPDATE: I’ll be releasing this project FIRST to subscribers, so please consider signing up for my newsletter, Cultural Intelligence (here’s the most recent one)  via the mailing list form on the upper right corner of the page or simply click here

Posted by Rob Fields

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  • Indy Neogy

    Looking forward to it!