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My Crowdsourced 2015 Trends Project Launches Next Week!

#dynamcis15 hits in just over a week, and it's powered by some very smart people.

/ January 12, 2015

Tweets: Visa’s Shiv Singh On Culture

Thanks @shivsingh for using the music industry to highlight the importance of culture to brands.

/ January 10, 2015

Should Your Media Agency Be Your Lead Culture Agency?

Be wary of media agencies trying to position themselves as the best way for brands to align with culture.

/ January 10, 2015

Merriam-Webster’s 2014 Word-of-the-Year: Culture

Turns out, this word was on everyone's mind in 2014.

/ January 8, 2015

My Three Words For 2015

Inspired by @chrisbrogan, I took the My Three Words challenge to get on the right path for 2015.

/ January 1, 2015

#Quote: How To Be An Expert In A Changing World

Don't be an expert on a world that no longer exists.

/ December 12, 2014

Join My Experiment: Crowdsourcing 2015 Trends

Pulling exciting ideas from those we don't usually hear from.

/ December 2, 2014

Why Is It So Hard To Shift Cultural Frames?

A recurring (and persistent) narrative got me thinking about just how hard it still is to change assumptions in 2014.

/ November 16, 2014

#Quote: The Importance of Culture To Pepsi

Genuine connections are made through the medium of culture.

/ October 21, 2014

#Quote: How To Do Important Work

Only an effort to solve important problems leads to important work.

/ October 16, 2014
credit: Graeme Mitchell for the NY Times

“Classical Beauty” As Slow Culture

Ideas that are rooted in slower culture are the most difficult to change. Here's one example.

/ September 29, 2014